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Downloads of the day
ActiveX Pack1 2.4.2
Desktop Windows, CE/CE.NET and PocketPC! About 30 powerful components for all the Windows platforms.
Active Local Pages 1.1
Write desktop apps in ASP and CGI. Create wutorun CDs using WEB technologies - yes it is possible!
Script Service
Run VBScript/JScript as service and call it just like a system wide COM object.
TCP/IP, IRDA and others - all as easy as access to files.
ASP Compiler 1.1 beta
Create COM DLLs from ASP pages, program the compiler itself.
ISAPI Variable Parser
ISAPI filter that converts path-like URLs to script calls with parameters

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About Us

Small working group, high experienced programmers in many areas

In contrast with the most companies we rely on the know-how, ideas and high adaptivity of the members in the group instead of bringing togather hundreds of people with profilled knowledge. In other words we recognize the human factor.

Is this good or not? This is a complicated question which answer depends on the point of view. But the benefits are our high productivity and tight integration - things that can not be found in a large working groups, ability to generate ideas provoked by the experience of the every one of us in many areas, ability to choose technology because of the specifics of the problem instead of choosing it because of the the knowledge or the fashion.

Some words about our experience

Operating systems - Windows and UNIX. This includes nearly all versions of Windows from Windows 3.1 to Windows 2000 server. UNIX - FreeBSD and several versions of Linux.

Our works include different types of applications and modules. Server side applications (services/demons), networked modules from TCP/IP (on API level) to high level usage of APIs like WinInet sometimes development of own APIs. User interface applications - mostly in the Windows environment, COM components and applications including building extensions for the Windows shell and Internet Explorer. WEB technologies in with many different tools - CGIs, ISAPI filters and extensions, Apache modules, scripting solutions (such ASP and PHP), the Java branch of the WEB technologies, usage of XML techniques and many others. In the last years WEB takes most of our time thus we have pwn solutions too and we are selling some useful retail products for the WEB administrators and developers (ISAPI filters and ActiveX components).

The list of the projects completed is long it includes hundreds of WEB applications realized with Windows technologies (including non-standard solutions), more than ten realized under UNIX,many retail products (and some new in the development phase). Other applied and retail software in different areas - DirectX applications, administrative tools, server applications, complex solutions, non-standard solutions and so on.

Of course many of the in companion with data base access using Jet, MS SQL server, Oracle and Informix through different APIs - ODBC (Raw and MFC), OLEDB and ADO, embeded SQL, CLI APIs of the corresponding databses, JDBC and so on.

Run VBScript as service

Also JScript por any other of course! The script behaves as scheduler and globnal system wide COM objuect accessible for all your applications on that machine. You can call it from ASP pages and schedule asynchronous tasks to be performed, ask for their state and much more.

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