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ActiveX Pack1 2.4.2
Desktop Windows, CE/CE.NET and PocketPC! About 30 powerful components for all the Windows platforms.
Active Local Pages 1.1
Write desktop apps in ASP and CGI. Create wutorun CDs using WEB technologies - yes it is possible!
Script Service
Run VBScript/JScript as service and call it just like a system wide COM object.
TCP/IP, IRDA and others - all as easy as access to files.
ASP Compiler 1.1 beta
Create COM DLLs from ASP pages, program the compiler itself.
ISAPI Variable Parser
ISAPI filter that converts path-like URLs to script calls with parameters

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What's new - 01 August 2000

01 Aug 2000
ISAPI Redirector filter Redirects requests to several servers or just helps to keep site integrity.

10 July 2000
WHOIS protocol handler for Internet Explorer added.

01 June 2000
Version 1.21 of ISAPI Variable parser is ready adding additional features !

27 May 2000
Free Windows script component sample HTMLTemplate added to ActiveX components section.

1 Apr 2000
Version 1.5 - free version of the ISAPI Authenticator is available! New features and tools !

25 Mar 2000
Version 1.5 of ISAPI Authenticator is now available, adding many new features to the most affordable custom IIS authentication solution on the market !

20 Mar 2000
The ImageFile ActiveX Object is available for FREE DOWNLOAD in the ActiveX Components section.

16 Mar 2000
Version 1.3 of Hash ActiveX objects has been released! Buy FIFTEEN ActiveX object that calculate checksums, cryptographic hash functions, and Hash-based Message Authentication Codes (HMAC) at the price of six!

6 Mar 2000
All ISAPI filters have been replaced with new versions
Major changes: Dependence on specific versions of external support DLLs (e.g. MFC42.dll) has been removed, documentation is now in HTML Help format.

16 Feb 2000
A collection of six Hash ActiveX objects has been added to the ActiveX components section of our site.

9 Feb 2000
*Preview beta* of GenieC for Windows - an universal console process and system management tool is now available for download.

8 Feb 2000
Two new ISAPI filters have been added to Retail software for the WEB: Variable masquerading and Mass Virtual site helper (makes possible to create virtual servers on NT Workstation with IIS!)

2 Feb 2000
A collection of three utility ActiveX objects has been added to the ActiveX components section of our site.

30 Jan 2000
Cyrillic updates for Windows 98 and Windows NT have been added to Miscellaneous utilities section. (for Bulgarian users of MS OS products)

Move utility and MS runtime libraries have been added to selected downloads.

21 Jan 2000
News groups founded! Click here for groups description.

16 January 2000 - Warning !!!
Before this date Binarysend ActiveX was broken...

13 Jan 2000
- Time Synchronization service for NT LANs - freeware has been added to Miscelanous utilities section
- File System Security Viewer for NT freeware has been added to Miscelanous utilities section

8 Jan 2000
- RAS ports ActiveX control (for NT with RRAS) has been added to ActiveX controls section.
- Integrated version of the ZmeY CorpSite Engine with Shopping cart has added to the WEB retail products.
- Now it is possible to buy our products through RegNet!

What's new (Jan - Sep 2001)

ALPFrame 1.0 final is published. ALPFrame allows ALP to run without installation by just starting an executable and adds standard windows menus and other window management features to the DHTML model.

17 September 2001 - ALP is updated.

12 August 2001 - Two visual controls are here Volume indicator and color box - suitable for VB, HTML, Delphi and so on.

22 July 2001 - Context menu shell extensions for ALP.

19 June 2001 - two C++ code snippets published.

12 June 2001 - newObjects Active Local Pages is available for download!. Go to the ALP pages.

03 March 2001 - ISAPI Variable Parser new version 1.212 with install wizard available.

01 February - 01 March 2001 - new sections of the site added (code snipplets,links)

16 January 2001 - ScriptManager2 ActiveX is published. Play with active scripts without troubles.

02 January 2001 - Version 1.51 of the ISAPI Authenticator realized.

02 January 2001 - Design of the site was changed. Our domain name is now - Please update your links.

Click link below for What's new log:
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What's new

15 March 2002- ALP Yahoo discussion group has been created..

05 March 2002- ASP Compiler 1.0 final. Create COM DLL from ASP pages and other scripts. Full support for the VBScript 5.0 language.

26 October 2001 - Collection of Misc. ActiveX components - INI FIle, collections implementation, structured configuration and so on (freeware).

08 October 2001 - new version of the Active Local Pages is published ( Now it it is packed with all the tools and components - ALPFrame viewer, Shell extension, ALP tour, new samples and so on - more friendly to the developers than before. Click here to learn more about ALP.

Click link below for What's new log:
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Binary and flat files

with ActiveX Pack1 ASP application is able to not just read/send binary files. They can be accessed as set of applciation defined records. And this is not limited to the files - any resource that behaves like file can be treated as like a DB table - memory streams, files, streams in OLE Compound files and so on.

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