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Downloads of the day
ActiveX Pack1 2.4.2
Desktop Windows, CE/CE.NET and PocketPC! About 30 powerful components for all the Windows platforms.
Active Local Pages 1.1
Write desktop apps in ASP and CGI. Create wutorun CDs using WEB technologies - yes it is possible!
Script Service
Run VBScript/JScript as service and call it just like a system wide COM object.
TCP/IP, IRDA and others - all as easy as access to files.
ASP Compiler 1.1 beta
Create COM DLLs from ASP pages, program the compiler itself.
ISAPI Variable Parser
ISAPI filter that converts path-like URLs to script calls with parameters

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General licensing notes

We are saling our products under the conditions of the 3 major licensing types:

Per machine license - usage on single machine
Unlimited - usage on any machine in your company
Developer (service provider) - same as unlimited, but gives
additional rights - to provide services with product, develop software (if applicable)
with this product etc.

Symbols used to mark license types:
- (M) or nothing - per machine
- (U) unlimited
- (D) developer
- (S) special

By default all of our products are sold under the per-machine condition if nothing else noted. Prices listed are for per-machine type of license - or if several prices are listed they are marked with the licensing type signs.

Per machine is typical base type of licensing for shareware software thus it is a default one.

What is developer type of licensing

For products intended to give you ability to provide services this type of licensing gives you freedom to use our product in your work without additional needs of special permission. For example if you buy shopping cart under this type of licensing you may implement it on any site of your customers - you may have offices and servers in many countries in the world - you can use cart in every office - move customers' sites from one location to another, make mirrors without purchasing new licenses.

Unlimited and Developer types of licensing are in most cases exclusive - depending on the product type. Products oriented to the developers and service providers use developer type of licensing, others use unlimited.

Freeware, shareware and demos

You may copy and redistribute all of downloadable products and demos without need of additional permission from us. The only requirement is that products must be distributed in the same form - without any changes! We will be thankful for information about publications in magazines.

If you need to archive the package in anouther form - with another archiver or as self-extracting archive you can do that as long as the content of archive is not changed.

Freeware products, code and other freeware marked stuff you may use for any purpose including commercial, but you must NOT remove any copyright notes included.

newObjects (ZmeY soft) 1999 - 2001

For additional information please write us.

Run VBScript as service

Also JScript por any other of course! The script behaves as scheduler and globnal system wide COM objuect accessible for all your applications on that machine. You can call it from ASP pages and schedule asynchronous tasks to be performed, ask for their state and much more.

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