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ALP is implemented as an Asynchronous Pluggable Protocol. It acts like a WEB server but without need of network. It executes WEB applications such as ASP pages and CGI applications. ALP makes Internet Explorer to be server and client. With ALP you can write stand-alone desktop applications, CD-ROM autoruns, use ASP for pure desktop software and still keep your code ready to run on WEB servers too.
Write desktop software in ASP and CGI!
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 newObjects Active Local Pages 1.1   
Price: $15 (M) $600 (D) Discount for resalers
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ALP Shareware notes
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ALP Home

newObjects Active Local Pages
Download archive contains full documentation and many samples. ALPFrame viewer demonstration can be found here See also the shareware notes

What is ALP?
With ALP your PC is equipped with alp:// protocol that can be used in IE, ALPFrame viewer and other applications supporting Asynchronous Pluggable Protocols. With this you have ASP/CGI engine that executes the ASP pages and CGI programs just in place from your local file system.

There is no need of IIS or PWS nor anything else than Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later on the PC. The powerful per-application/directory configuration features allow the developer to define virtual sites, ASP application settings, directory behavior as needed not disturbing the other ALP applications on the same machine. 

Together with ALPFrame and its extended DHTML the WEB programs become desktop applications capable to work even on stand-alone machines. The DHTML+ UI allows the developer to build powerful and nice looking applications on very low costs. 

Ability to run them on WEB server or even from autorun CD (without installation) eliminates the need to build separate versions for each scenario or if certain specific features are required at least minimizes the required work to few adjustments.  
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ALP also includes installer which can be used to install your application bundled with ALP engine. It is designed for unattended installations which require only confirmation from the user.

ALP ships with ALPFrame - special ALP viewer which extends the DHTML object model and most important allows ALP to run from scratch - e.g. on autorun CD without installation on the PC (there are some limitations about how and which components can be used).
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Still wonder what is the difference between ALP and PWS?
While Microsoft's Personal Web Server (PWS) is a WEB server ALP is not. PWS is a fully functional Internet Information Server (with some limitations) thus it is a server side software. Contrary ALP is a client side software that implements features usually found on the WEB servers, but it implements them in a set of in-process components and it is implemented as an asynchronous pluggable protocol ...
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Get a quick tour online.
Learn about the most important ALP features in few steps. The tour notices the features you need to know initially. 
Click to start.

Who needs ALP
Small and huge companies, companies developing applied projects for their customers, retail software developers. 
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ALP is a programming platform not a product directing final users in one step. Applications written for ALP need to redistribute the ALP engine or alternatively they need to tell the user to download ALP separately. With the ALP licensing rules we are trying to give the developers enough freedom to buy once and use the ALP for their applications without need to recalculate additional payments... 
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Want to evaluate for yourself. Which archive to download?

  • ALP full shareware with documentation and sample. Best for developers. (zip file ) (self extract exe )
  • Redistribution examples. If you have the full ALP you may want to see how the deployment packages for your application should be structured. 
  • ALPFrame in autorun mode demonstration. Several examples packed with ALPFrame and ALP engine. Can be put on a CD (or any drive root if you want to avoid burning a CD) and started as autorun. Or just unpacked and started - start ALPFrame.exe. (zip file ) (Self extract )

New in ALP 1.1:

  • Uploads (Request.BinaryRead)
  • Mixed script languages in ASP pages
  • Global.asa support
  • IIS<->ALP compatibility tuning. Less efforts to port from IIS to ALP and vice versa.
  • COM aliases
  • Application configuration shell extensions
  • ASP Objects support
  • Bundled with newObjects ActiveX pack1 components and NetProbe (beta).
    • Storages and Files (Text/Binary/Record based access to files and streams)
    • Unified data structures through ConfigFile (work with text data files, binary data streams and registry with the same code)
    • Advanced COM tricks - Threads, Custom apartments, COM object creation from non-registered DLLs
    • Composite objects (build dynamically or register definitions of COM objects composed from scripts and objects)
    • More system functions - DLL/EXE version info, Shell shortcuts etc.
  • And much more ...

Download it now: ZIP, SFX EXE, RAR

ALP Supports/contains also:

  • ASP pages written in VBScript and JScript. Also can be configured to use any other Active Script compliant language (such as Active Perl).
  • The five core ASP objects: Request, Response, Server, Application, Session. (read more )
  • Include directives (file and virtual).(read more )
  • Site structure and settings similar to IIS. Structure is defined with files in the physical directory tree. (read more: ALP URL , Server.MapPath )
  • CGI (Common Gateway Interface) with limitation to the parameters syntax .(read more )
  • Directory view plug-in - lists directory as WEB page (as like IIS). With templates support.
  • Simple HTML templates - HTML page with special tags is filled automatically from the request. (read more )
  • With ALPFrame - extended DHTML model - window menus and shortcut menus are controlled by the pages currently opened. (read more )
  • Install utility - components and sets of other files can be configured in the setup configuration and deployed easily. (read more )
  • Besides ASP raw/plain scripts also can be used. (read more). This is a specific feature but is useful if the HTML code is less important in certain situation. They share the same objects with ASP.

Complete documentation is included in the downloadable package .

What can be done with ALP:

  • Write desktop application in ASP (VBScript, JScript and so on). Use existing WEB server programming skills and developers to build client side software.
  • Port certain ASP applications for the desktop or autorun CDs.
  • Run CGI programs as well.
  • Embed IE browser in VB/C++/Delphi applications and use ALP to generate content for the hosted browser.
  • Develop corporate/business applications with minimal efforts and run them on both Server and stand alone machines as appropriate.
  • Create/Port active WEB sites for offline usage with all the dynamic functionality kept.

Copyright newObjects (ZmeY soft) 2001