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ALP is implemented as an Asynchronous Pluggable Protocol. It acts like a WEB server but without need of network. It executes WEB applications such as ASP pages and CGI applications. ALP makes Internet Explorer to be server and client. With ALP you can write stand-alone desktop applications, CD-ROM autoruns, use ASP for pure desktop software and still keep your code ready to run on WEB servers too.
Write desktop software in ASP and CGI!
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 newObjects Active Local Pages 1.1   
Price: $15 (M) $600 (D) Discount for resalers
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About ALP 1.1

ALP 1.1 adds many amazing features and makes ALP a complete set of components that gives the developer abilities to build in ASP wide range desktop applications. Yes exactly - desktop applications in ASP (Active Server Pages) in combination with DHTML and the extensions to it provided by ALPFrame viewer makes ASP technology a competing technology to such popular environments like Delphi and VB. ALP has minimum requirements and runs on all the PC versions of Windows - from Windows 95! ASP allows you to build once and deploy to desktops and the WEB server (IIS/PWS and some others) without changing even a line of code while the desktop oriented RAD environments do not.

You can use: databases through ADO, thousands of third party ActiveX components, port existing WEB applications for minutes, build business and other applications for the final users in the easiest and still powerful language VBScript, you can use JScript or PerlScript as well. ALP requires one purchase of a developer license ($600) and you can develop and sell as many applications as needed with it, you can install it on as many workstations as you need. Or you can avoid spending money on ALP and tell the users to install ALP and buy ALP license for their machines ($15 or less if more licenses are bought in a pack). So, there is a suitable and affordable way to use ALP for both sole developers and companies.

ALP comes with installer you can use with your applications (no need to buy another), a viewer that extends the Internet Explorer with features typical for the desktop applications - window and context menus. The same viewer allows also certain autorun applications to be built in ASP E.g. autorun CDs with live ASP content!

Of course the WEB developers should need to pay attention to the requirements of their applications and redistribute any 3-d party component they use, but this is true for any desktop oriented development environment as well. So nothing special is needed - your WEB development skills are applicable for desktop development.

Many users ask why not ASP.NET? We will include such support in near future as an option, but note that .NET is an entire subsystem - an engine which must be installed in order to run ASP.NET. It also does not support Windows 95. This could be problem on some of the first Windows platforms and will require huge amount of redistributtable files. This makes the autorun CDs in ASP.NET almost impossible on the older platforms and we will need to wait years to say that most PCs have .NET pre-installed. At the other hand ASP requires only Internet explorer 4.0 or later and the ALP engine. Internet explorer is installed on almost any available Windows PC, minimum ALP redistributtable size is about 500-700k (sipped) so the rest is your application and as long as it depends only on ALP core components it will be able to start even without need to perform installation (and perhaps requiring the user to log on as an administrator). The bundled components (ActiveX pack1) cover very wide range of system and utility functions so the application has tools for the most non-network tasks it may need.

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