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 CE Application manager invoker   
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CE AppManager invoker
Download (ZIP 10k)

CE AppManager invoker

This little application is simple yet the Pocket PC developers need to write such a thing just to invoke the CE application manager with their prepared CAB files and setup.ini. To save your time you can just use this one.


This is, of course, completely free. You can include it with any of your applications without need of any permission from us.

How to use

Prepare your CAB files for the device(s), create an INI file for the Application manager, put this exe together with the INI file in one directory and then the user will only need to run it in order to invoke installation to the attached mobile device.

The INI file must be named setup.ini. Setup.exe looks for it in the same directory where it resides, then it fetches the path to the CE AppManager from the registry and runs it with this setup.ini as parameter.

The setup.ini is described in the CE development kits, but there is a template one included in this archive. You can just modify it to fit your distributive.

The Setup.exe is SFX friendly - it shows a dialog box informing the user what is happening and tells him/her to keep it open until the installation is finished. This is needed for the most archivers that produce SFX when a temporary folder is used. The folder is deleted after the execution of an application from the archive so it must be
running until the installation is finished in order to keep the CAB files available (if the invoking EXE exist before that they will be deleted before AppManager can get them).

Also the exe reads the setup.ini before launching AppManager and shows the application name and the CAB files list - for information only.

I'm using it with WinRar ( and it works ok. I'm configuring WinRar to run Setup.exe after SFX extraction and also I am setting the "use temporary folder" option and that is all. Of course, one may set icons, texts for the SFX but the above is the vital part of it. It should work with any archiver producing SFX-s - just
find the equivalent settings there.

Copyright newObjects (ZmeY soft) 2001